5 Untold Secrets to Increase Photography Sales

Leave everything!

Forget all those old-school marketing techniques that you have been carrying out day in and day out.

They are not getting you any money!

It is time to dig deep inside the secret box of photographers who know what sells in this modern age and how.

In this post, we bring the 5 proven ways to considerably increase photography sales. 

Get ready to ache those fingers of yours, filling cash registers like never before!

The best part?  these 5 secrets favor a photography business on a tight budget.

Let’s dive right in.

1. Add Motion to Your Photos

If you think just putting in all your creativity in getting a great shot is enough to get you sales, you are So Wrong!

In fact, your business should invest more time in developing sales collateral as compared to the time invested in getting a photo.

Everything that pushes the prospects through the sales funnel is a part of this sales collateral. 

There is no shortage of creative and skilled photographers. But it is the innovators who are ruling the world of marketing.

One way to showcase your photos in an extra engaging manner is by animating them and turning them into Cinemagraphs!

I first came across cinemagraphs on Instagram a few years ago. Scrolling through my feed, I saw a photo, and just before scrolling on, I noticed a subtle element of movement that made me stop and do a double-take. That’s the power of cinemagraphs.

– Jon Kane Houldworth

Killer Portfolio

As a photographer, you must be knowing how important it is to have a killer online photography portfolio.

How do you make a visual asset that hooks the viewers right away and make them want to explore more?

Well, the animation is one of those untapped tools used to optimize your website’s SEO potential. 

It makes the story in the image a lot More Evocative!

Animation Adds Life to Still Images

Plain and flat images seem dull and monotonous. 

Whereas animation helps bring life into them and also boosts their production value. 

A still photo in motion gives advertisers the opportunity to preview their potential to be used in Ads.

2. Add More Human Photos

This is yet another secret sauce that has proven itself to bring leads to a photography business.

It’s simple!

Human photos make your brand credible! Especially to the skeptical audience. 

We are social animals for a reason. Nature has programmed us to Develop Trust when we see other humans, either in-person or on screens!

 Website traffic is bound to skyrocket as long as you have more human content to spice up your gallery.

Example: Highrise, a CRM Software company, decided to make human faces appear more frequently over their website to see how it affects the traffic flow.

As expected, their website converted 102.5% more!


3. Apply Participation Marketing


Getting your prospects to participate in an activity that includes your photos makes a lasting impression on them.

It is a simple yet very effective way to connect to your audience.

According to a detailed study, 85% of buyers decided to buy a product after they experienced engaging with the brand in an event.

Fine. Ads and commercials have their own potential. 

But now they have become overly interruptive. This is why every one of the five internet users blocks these ads using different software.

Millennials are driven towards experiences. 

Therefore, inviting them to relevant events and showing the fun side of your photography brands leaves behind apathy and creates more engagement.

  • Click portraits for them or make them have one of your best works by winning a game.

  • Plan online contests where you get your audiences to participate and win free giveaways of your albums or packages.

  • Think about innovative ways of customizing your photographs according to your clients.

4. Make Your Photography Transparent

How about sharing Behind-The-Scenes of your shooting process with your consumers?

If you rely on transparency as the tool for winning your customer’s trust, you are going in the right direction.

Pulling back curtains from your shoots give your viewers an insight into what lengths you can go to convert an ordinary scene into an extraordinary one!

How you can make a raw image look after editing it is a great way to impress your customers who will decide on hiring you after this sneak-peak. 

They will expect you to sparkle the same fire into their dull events with your photography.

One such photographer is Omahi. In an interview with My Modern Met, he explained why he loves sharing his BTS.

“I personally like to show how I do my photos with a low budget to show that there are no excuses to make a picture that you have in mind; it’s just about knowing how to imagine it.”

5. Utilize the Power of Blogging

If you have not yet started to blog about your photography business, then you know who to blame for the low sales.

Blog about everything from how you first got a thought of clicking a subject to how you made it reach its final form.

Your perception, story, unique experiences while shooting, let your audience know all!

It is a great way to form an emotional connection with them.

There are two ways your  photography blog can help you get traffic and increase your overall sales.

1.Google Rankings Depending on the SEO optimization of your content, Google will find your blog as the most relevant answer to people’s queries and suggest your page first.

2.Backlinks As you rank and big brands find your blog informative and worthy of a mention, you will get referral visitors through backlinking. 

Blogging Keeps the Audience Updated

When you frequently blog and put it out to the world how your last client loved your work, readers are sure to “fill the party.” 

It means your blog will be a medium to connect your old clients with your new visitors. 

New visitors read the old client’s reviews and experiences, and hence the development of trust starts.

Blogging Shows Your Personality

It is very important for agencies to know who they are going to deal with?

Blogging is a convenient option to get them an insight into you as a person.

Not only do you get the recognition you need but also get appreciated for all the efforts you put into a photoshoot.

Add relatable elements in your blog that the readers find shareable on social media platforms. 

Wrapping Up

So you know the key now?

Make your work relatable and let your audiences know you well!

Here is a small recap of what it takes to close bigger than ever sales for your photography business:

  1. Showcase your photos differently by bringing motion into them!
  2. Make human faces appear more in your portfolio.
  3. Carry out activities to drive interest in your photography.
  4. Show your audience the truth behind your brand.
  5. Make your audience experience your journey through blogging.

Do you have some more tips that worked for you to boost sales?

We would be eagerly waiting to listen to your thoughts.

Happy Clicking!