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6 Mobile Photography Tips Every Photographer Should Know

In the era where maintaining a social media presence is something everyone cares about, mobile photography is getting more and more popular. No one wants to carry around separate cameras now, so it makes sense that mobile phone manufacturers have caught up on this demand and introduced mobile cameras. Now, the camera on a phone […]


Newborn Photoshoot Guide – Pro Tips and Tricks

They are cute. They are innocent. And you want to eat their tiny fingers and toes. Yes, we are talking about the newborns who just stepped into this world a few days ago. As a photographer, a newborn photoshoot is quite an exciting yet challenging project. They don’t give you the exact pose and facial […]

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How to Earn Money With Adobe Stock Photography

Buildings, moments, pets, people, and what not! Adobe Stock sells it all. This service indeed enjoys a prime position in the stock photography market.  According to a study, the facilitated handling of stock photos assets on Adobe Stock makes it a preferred choice for most creative professionals. Their overall working efficiency is said to increase […]

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5 Untold Secrets to Increase Photography Sales

Leave everything! Forget all those old-school marketing techniques that you have been carrying out day in and day out. They are not getting you any money! It is time to dig deep inside the secret box of photographers who know what sells in this modern age and how. In this post, we bring the 5 […]

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How to Start a Photography Business on a Tight Budget

Ugh, money!  It always comes in the way when you plan for something grand. But guess what?  You can straightaway start a photography business if you have a laptop, an internet connection, and a “smartphone” with a modest camera! Huh? Photography without a proper camera gear? Yes! Yes! Yes! Many professional photographers use smartphones. They […]

Camera with photos and text saying 20 Best Sites for Stunning Stock Photos

20 Best Stock Photo Sites (Free & Paid) for Stunning Images

You know most people consider stock photos not being as visually impactful as the real photos are. Right? Well that’s not the case at all! Maybe they have been looking for stock photos in the wrong platforms. Or maybe they are stuck in the time when stock photos were all about staged meetings and models […]


How to Click Stock Photos that Sell (The Definitive Guide)

Stock photography pays off your hard work for a more extended period than you expect because they keep reselling. This is probably the best part of it. I mean, is there anything better than receiving a cheque every month for some images you clicked for about four years ago? However, just knowing how to sell […]

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How to Sell Stock Photos (The Ultimate Guide 2021)?

If you haven’t realized yet, you can actually cash your creative photography skills. Those masterpieces lying unavailed in your image gallery hold high interest for website owners and bloggers. They use these stock photos to illustrate concepts where words fail to bring the magic.  Are you looking to sell stock photos but aren’t sure where […]

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Stock Photos vs Original Photos (The Definitive Guide)

Marketers often contemplate whether they should use stock photos or original photographs in their visual marketing strategy. While the former provides easy access to a vast library of images, advocates of original content argue that stock photos lack when it comes to exclusiveness. However, in both cases, the old photography quote “a picture is worth […]

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13 Proven Photo Composition Tips For Landscape Photography

Does it ever bother you that you have one of the best cams out there in the market, but you are still unable to take that photograph you thought you could with the right camera in hand? No doubt, the camera affects the quality of the photograph, but far more critical is how you have […]

First Photographs Ever Captured

24 First Photographs Ever (Categorized)

“Taking an image, freezing a moment, reveals how rich reality truly is.”  Anonymous If you want to see some of the first photographs captured, you will LOVE this list. The Best Part? We have divided the list into categories. So If you want to see the first photo on facebook, you can jump right to […]

Best Photography Quotes from Photographers

180+ Photography Quotes (The Ultimate List)

The best thing about photography is that it captures the moments that can’t be relived. Usually we look at fantastic photographs with admiration, but what are the words of wisdom of the photographers who are behind the lens? If you love photography, you will love our list of photography quotes. And if you are looking […]